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When Jack Cullen sits down to write a song his aim is simple: to change the way people are feeling and leave them with a smile. “I want to see the world in a positive way and help other people, too,” he explains. “Flipping negatives into positives and spreading that message is what I’m here to do.” Distilling his positive vibe down to its purest essence, Cullen’s outlook is simple - “when life gives you lemons let’s squeeze the fuck out of them and make some sweet lemonade.”

Connecting with people online is one thing but Cullen is a romantic for the live experience, no surprise for an artist who cut his teeth playing live on lively nights in Ireland. “I love getting people in a room and performing for people,” he says. “Whether it’s 50, 500 or 10,000 people, it’s the best feeling ever.” The return of live shows has reminded him of what it means to connect with people and talks about the magic between a performer and audience. “The energy in the room is amazing. I want to make people feel how I have felt and fall in love with music. If I'm inspiring a young Jack to fall in love with music then that’s just the best thing.”